A good start of the day…

So this morning, it’s raining. Not your typical May drizzle, but a torrential downpour.
Let me back up. Last winter, my windshield wipers sucked. The driver’s side wouldn’t clear off half of the water and the passenger’s was missing some of the rubber, and there was a little strip that acted as a whip at the end of it every time it swayed. So I bought some new wipers from Wal-Mart. I don’t remember the brand, it was something like NASCAR or something or other. They were the most economical and that’s all that mattered at the time since I didn’t think that there could possibly be too much of a difference between brands. So I bought them and planned on putting them on when it was dry. Well when it quit raining last year, I decided that I could live without putting them on, after looking at the hook up and the way that the old ones were secured, I reasoned that there were no more issues with the rain. These wipers set in their packaging the whole year in my van. At times, they would come darting across the floor in their slippery plastic package at my feet when I would make quick stops. Basically floor projectiles the whole year, but I endured it, and all was good.
So this year, two months ago, I decided to have a go at putting them on, and yeah it wasn’t that easy to do. Not like a lot of wipers that I have changed out before, but in the end, I got them on. Of course, it hasn’t really rained since I put the wipers on, but the couple of times that it did, they worked fine.
So back to this morning… It was raining substantially, especially for this time of year. About five miles into my fifteen mile drive to work; there is a loud pop on my windshield, like a rock hit it. I looked at it after squinting from the abrupt sound and everything is blurry. I realized that with the heavy rain, the driver’s side windshield had broken off. There was still a minute piece stuck in the steel wiper arm. So I thought to myself, ok I can just lean over the passenger’s side arm rest and drive like that. All the while that freaking steel wiper arm on the driver’s side is making the worst scraping noise against the window, just grinding a rut into my windshield for sure. At times I stop my only wiper, the passenger’s wiper, just to not hear the noise, just to cringe when I start it back up. I did this for about 5 more miles, at which point in time, the passenger’s wiper breaks slick and clean off. Now I am in trouble, I cant see anything but shades of color through my windshield, so I creep along for about half a mile to the first off ramp that I can find. Its 6:15 in the morning, I can’t just gallivant into an auto parts store. I get to the first stop sign, and I can finally see out of my windshield because now, its one big sheet of water. I figured that I could handle driving like that on the back streets. As soon as I start off from the stop sign, the sheet of water becomes hundreds of little mini-waves on my windshield. It’s once again, nearly impossible to see out of my windshield. But there is a silver lining to this cloud. My driver’s side steel wiper arm apparently had enough time to make a groove of sorts into my windshield creating a 4 inch barrier where the water would not travel, thereby making clear eight inch by four inch window for me to see through. I made it to work only five minutes late. But of course, the whole time I am driving, I am paranoid about getting pulled over because I hadn’t put my new tabs, of which the old ones expired two days ago, on my van, that my wife was kind enough to get for me yesterday.

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