Good vs. Evil

There is this underlying defense that I see consistently in cases like Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Antonio Zambrano-Montes and now Walter L. Scott is:

If they weren’t doing wrong, they wouldn’t have been shot down.

This in effect is saying that the killings were deserved.

Another common comment I see is:

Why isn’t anyone complaining about the “criminal’s” behavior?

The reality is this:

Cops are people that are employed to protect and serve the community when they are on duty. This is what they do. When they fall short of our expectations, there will be criticism. As there should be.

Criminals are people that break the law. That is what makes them criminals. Whether it be resisting arrest, having priors, or throwing rocks. They are displaying misconduct that puts them in the category of criminal. Some actually don’t even make it to the “criminal” state. RE: Tamir Rice.

So when people start arguing the point “Why is everyone concentrating on what the police did and not the criminal?” they are oblivious to the part about the victims in these issues are not the problem. Their deaths are the outcome of the problem: That certain people that are police, have failed the expectations of society.

They are trusted to serve and protect. Not one of these victims, allegedly participating in criminal behavior or not, were given that same expectation by the public.

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