Karaoke, Politics, LOA

Set up 1:
I don’t talk to that many people about politics for many reasons. But I do have opinions on politics. Well informed opinions. My main thought is that politics is not as it appears. That’s not to say that every politician says one thing and yet, does another. While this does happen, this is not what I am alluding to. I mean that politics as we generally see it, as the media generally delivers it, is not reality. My firm belief is this: The true issue is not the polarization of the political parties in power, but rather the “Haves” vs the “Have Nots”. The wealth distribution in this country becomes more and more disproportionate as time progresses. I’m not saying that I have a sensible solution. However, I am saying that this is the problem.

Set up 2:
I have met some of the most amazing people in the last two years. Mostly from just going out and socializing. They are truly unique and wonderful people. Unique people. Unique. There is one older fellow by the name of Hoyt (as I would later find out), that I first saw at the VFW on a karaoke night. He must be in his late sixties, early seventies. Slight build, humped back, a ghostly goatee and wild short wings of hair that perimeter his bald top. Most times, he wears khaki high waters, suspenders and a long sleeve button up flannel patterned shirt. He also wears an over sized baseball cap that he neatly keeps tied to his head by kite string. Accessories: He always has his satchel ready to log in the songs being performed and dawns half cut reading glasses around his neck with an ornamental glasses string. The first time that I saw him perform, he was singing Uncle Cracker’s Follow Me song… I have since seen him around Richland performing karaoke often. Mostly patriotic songs.

The Experience:
Last Thursday, I was at Lee’s Tahitian with friends singing karaoke. Hoyt, was there with some of his friends. He sang “God Bless America” when his turn was up. After a bit of time, I went up to sing something, and on my way back, he reached out and I shook his hand. I then proceeded to go sit down. About ten minutes later, Hoyt approaches me and asks me if I love my country. I tell him “Of course I do.” He then proceeds to ask me what I think that is wrong with our country right now.

Side Note:
This is the point in time, that most times, when I talk to anyone, they say that it’s Obamacare, or the illegal immigrants, or the crooked republicans, or the tea-partiers, or our deficit is out of control…Most time, when I talk to (rather, I listen to) other people about what ails our nation, it is polarized rhetoric… Very few times, do I hear otherwise. Very few times.

My Answer:
I tell him (knowing that this could turn into a lengthy debate on different levels) “It basically boils down to the “”Haves” and the “Have Nots’”. He holds up his pointing finger and rebuts “Hold that thought. I am going to go out the car and get you something.” Five minutes later, he brings in a folded up newsletter. I open it up and look at it. “Is this some sort of Tea-Partier propaganda?” I think. He says “You can have it and read it if you like. There is good information there.” I thank him and take it home.

The Revelation:
In looking at the newsletter a few days later, it’s a newsletter called Jim Hightower’s Lowdown. I didn’t know who Jim Hightower was. I read through and did some Googling. His view: “Battling the Powers that Be on behalf of the Powers that Ought to Be”. In reading some of Mr. Hightower’s writings, I’m sure that our views vary to some degree.

The Belief:
To me, all of this is interesting. Hoyt, politics, class divide, karaoke, my friends, and the spinning of unreality. But the most interesting aspect of all of it, to me, is the Power of Attraction. To me, there is no seeming reason for Hoyt to come up to me and ask me about that. I don’t wear my beliefs on my coat sleeve. I’ve never talked to Hoyt besides applauding him, or a quick conversation once about the longest break in vocals on any given song sang…. I am a firm believer that we attract what and who we are. To me the randomness of this isn’t so random when you believe that we are all connected and everything has an impact on everything else…

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