Most Successful Tweetup to date… For me

Today was the second time that I have hosted a tweetup which I dubbed with the hashtag #TweetUp3C. The first one that I put together was back in February. I would categorize that one as a mild success for a first Tweet up. I was interviewed by a local news station. There were actually two news stations that were there. All in all, there were twelve people that showed up. Some were even fairly new to Twitter.

For those of you that don’t know, a tweetup is a meetup of people that use Twitter as one of their social media outlets. The purpose of these meet ups are typically to have face to face interaction with people that you communicate with via Twitter. I have met some of my friends through Twitter.

People that I know, have indirectly met, married and have had babies due to me making friends via Twitter. So suffice it to say, Twitter has had a fairly positive impact on my life and a good portion of my friends.

Today’s Tweet up was no different in the way of having a positive impact on me. It was most definitely different in its delivery, but none the less such a great experience. No one showed up. Not one person. Many had expressed interest, but as we all know, things happen. Life happens. Saturday mornings happen. But in the end, after an hour of hanging out at the lovley little cupcakery, no one came.

And this is why this has been a great experience. I look at this situation, and I think that there would have been a time in my life, that I would have felt like a failure. Or that no one liked me enough to come by. But that is not what I felt at all. I felt fine. I felt like I set out to do something and I did it. I set out to facilitate a situation where people that used Twitter or maybe was curious about Twitter could come together and discuss/meet/interact. I did that. And while no one showed up, that really doesn’t matter to me. Because I have a plentiful group of friends in diverse arenas that are always there for me.

Till the next Tweet up folks… #TweetUp3C

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