Racism doesn’t exist…As long as we don’t talk about it…

Over the past few months, I have noticed a certain undercurrent that is prevalent among a portion of white people. And it’s not necessarily a political party affiliation, or religious affiliation. Basically that undercurrent is this…“The color of a person’s skin should not be a big deal. And frankly, I don’t see why it is.”
You are right
The color of a person’s skin should not a consideration past that their skin is that color…as their eyes are that color, or their hair is this color… And in that, that only consideration should be a celebration of their uniqueness, no matter what any of their physical attributes are.
But racial bias does exist
Whether you like it or not, there is still a tremendous racial bias throughout the world. Not just in the States, but more specifically in the Columbia Basin. It exists. Racial inequality still exists. And so when a person states “I’m not a bigot, but I don’t know why a Latino being confirmed for the first time as a federal judge in Eastern Washington via the Senate is news…” (http://bit.ly/1qstVQa ) there are two messages that are conveyed. 1) That you do not understand that racial bias and inequality still exist. And 2) You do not see the significance of such an event thereby do not understand the plights to get to this point. Most people would argue that this is not the case, but it the overwhelming message that is conveyed to others that do understand and acknowledge.
It’s alright to talk about racial inequality
We will never get past this by just stowing it away like a terrible chapter of humanity. The history that we do not teach or remember, we are doomed to repeat. It is especially important to talk to our children about this. Because if we don’t society will. And the message that society is putting out through mixed media is that the bad guys are darker and the good guys are lighter…
Slate magazine has a good article on addressing race with your children. And while this article’s title is “How white parents should talk to their young kids about race” It is relevant to all races… (http://slate.me/1pIZtBh)

It won’t get better if you just ignore it folks… 

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