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Why do people update their [insert Social Media Network here] statuses/timelines/feeds so much? I mean do people really care that you just got the most fab pedi? Or that little Hayden (Disclaimer: I’m not aware of any person that I know, having a son named Hayden, and therefore this is not directed towards you) was able to wipe his own ass for the second straight time without getting it on his hands? Probably not…Nor do people want to know that I am once again at some destination that they 1. Don’t know where it is 2. Don’t care to know where it is and 3. Perfectly happy never having read that the place does in fact exist…

So why do we do it? I have been asked this before.

There are several reasons that one might post. Firstly, narcissism…Yes, in this day and age, I believe that we have become more and more narcissistic as a planet. While this, in my mind, brings mostly negative connotations, there are some positive aspects to it as well. This isn’t open for argument…I could argue about this, but this entry isn’t that. Another reason that one might share with all of their friends and family, the experiences that they are creating. When I see a friend post something about an excursion that they are on or were recently on, I get excited for them. Genuinely so. Then envy sets in, excitement for them does win over in the end. Mostly. And lastly, the reason that I like to share (although I’m sure that the other reasons come into play, and that there are even more reasons out there, with shades of the aforementioned reasons), is because the things that I post, I genuinely gain some kind of value in my own life from. Whether it be an experience that I just went through, a funny antic dote, a news worthy story that was published, things that I think affect us all or just pics of what happened/is happening, I find value in it all.

Well, I have found another reason for producing updates. For the memories. I don’t keep a journal, or log like some people. I tend to think that I remember most everything, but inevitably forget many details. Details that wouldn’t kill me not knowing, but I find that enrich my life if I do remember them.

I found a few places/apps that will do this Facebook status consolidating for you…Here’s mine…

My Statuses


  1. I totally agree with you on all your points. We have become very narcissistic as a society. Truthfully, I feel like a lot of my own posts come out of insecurity and the need for reassurance. It's also, though, because I don't get a lot of social interaction and sometimes find it a little challenging (moderately socially inept), so this gives me the benefit of connecting with people on my own terms.

    PS I totally want to know about (and will care about) your status update about your fab mani pedi. Can't wait!

  2. Derp…just found this comment… I guess I don't really expect people to comment, lol.

    And I probably should really consider getting a mani-pedi pretty soon…

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