Taking Control versus Taking Charge

The words that we use, have power. That power can be limiting or it can be empowering.

Take the term “taking control” for instance. When I think about taking control, I think about me putting my hands on the wheel. Or I think about encapsulating something in my grasp in more general terms. Basically I see myself containing the situation, emotion, person or object. This is a very limiting experience. It’s a controlled experience. An experience that contains the situation. From the outside, in. A situation that begs the narrative of “Am I in control? If I am not in control, then I must be out of control.” And “I can lose control at any time when I do not contain the situation.”

When I think about the term “taking charge” it has a different connotation. Charge has inference of energy and power. Charge has a very centric sound to it. Charge is a force that moves with intention. It empowers the individual in an inclusive and dynamic way. When I take charge, I am taking charge of my being and I move as the center. I don’t have to control anything other than my charge. There is no containment. Containment is not even a consideration. Taking charge is not about containing anything. It’s about invigorating the experience from the inside, out.

Take charge, because control is an illusion.

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