That One Guy Jimmy from Late Night, Twerking and the Internet

I don’t consider myself naive when it comes to most things, but I tend to
believe things that I take in, until I have reason not to. This can take a
long time, or mere seconds. The mere seconds is usually when I am reading a
person’s body language. A long time would be something like finding out that
almost all reality TV is somewhat scripted/edited/produced to make something
that is not necessarily there.

This is where my naivety comes in.

Why would I think that something that presents its self as being actual
events in a person’s life are staged? It just does not register with me. So
of course when I found out that Joe Millionaire was being heavily produced
for a certain outcome, I was pretty irked. This event single handedly sway
my decision to never watch any kind of romance “Reality TV” again. Don’t ask
why I was watching it in the first place.

The final nail in the coffin for all “Reality TV” was when I found out that
American Tow was actually all actors but was sold as “Reality TV”. Yes there
is some sort of odd disclaimer in the beginning that makes no sense to me
being of the English speaking persuasion.

So the last place for any kind of reality voyeurism for me, was YouTube. Not
to say that YouTube doesn’t have its share of contrived/scripted videos. But
most all endeavors are amateurish at best and one can see it coming a mile
away…These are typically real people, with little to no budget, making
shoddy videos. Well until recently. I saw a video early last year where a
guy and a friend scare a lady in the kitchen. She screams, runs outside into
the street and is hit by a car going about 30 mph. A fairly startling video.
Turns out that the video was produced by a group of film students. I get it.
They wanted to see if their craft was up to the challenge of creating a
reality that people would believe. (Google Exhibit B-5 for the video if you
haven’t seen it).

After that point, I had determined to actively question the legitimacy of
any viral video that seemed “too viral to be true”. I use this in discerning
chain emails, viral social media posts and viral videos…It seems to work.

Until now.

Twerking girl on fire (Youtube “Worst Twerk Fail EVER”) seemed like a fairly
routine video of a young lady twerking in the comfort of her candle lit home
where as she is knocked back by an opening door into table full of candles
and lights on fire. Lack luster in its presentation with a recipe for grand

Jimmy Kimmel has come out to say that he was behind it all.
( The video was indeed contrived under the subject
of YouTube prank. Jimmy said that he wanted to put an end to twerking
forever. This sounds like a BS reason, but is really immaterial.

The fact is, now I will be even more skeptical of things posted on YouTube,
as to whether or not they are real. I should not be surprised though. This
aligns with most everything else on the internet. As I find myself being
more informed through instant information, I find my myself sifting through all of the misinformation. The old adage “Believe nothing you hear and only
half of what you see.” Has never been so true as it is right now.

Side note: This was written with the intention of bashing Jimmy Kimmel.
But halfway through writing it, I was thinking about the wrong “Late Night
Jimmy”. I was thinking about Jimmy Fallon. So please consider this a “Jimmy
Fallon Bashing Post.”

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