Twitter, Haiku, Souls and Awareness

Twitter’s 140 character limitations lends its self to a couple of interesting aspects of writing, ramblings and the such. Firstly, “Getting to the point”…I am not one of those types that can necessarily get to the point. Sometimes it can take me a couple hundred words in setting the stage of my points. Twitter doesn’t really allow this. There are of course places like that will afford one to not get to the point, but my thoughts are that most people won’t click on the link. Maybe they do, but I like to think that most people are just as impatient as I am and won’t.

Secondly, Twitter’s limitations afford to approximate characters of the contemporary English haiku. I’m not an expert at any level of haiku. But I do appreciate the simplicity of the structure. The Haiku, like Twitter requires a simplifying of thoughts to a point that one must “Get to the point.” In my opinion, this is why they fit so nicely.

In the last two years, during my active search of personal growth, I’ve had the opportunity in meeting and reacquainting myself with so many wonderful people. Wonderful souls.

Being around so many wonderful people is truly inspiring…I don’t know if this is just human nature, but for me, when I am around great people, I want to be a great person as well…They truly inspire me.

In the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity in meeting and reacquainting myself with so many wonderful women. Wonderful souls.

Aside from my children and my own being, there is no other higher motivator, inspiration, physical force that impacts my thoughts past that of the female persuasion. I am sure that is all part of the natural design.

Getting to the point:
I produced a series of haiku, and posted on Twitter, that touches on some of those thoughts. The awareness, the cycle, the nuances and the peaceful outcome.

Her Eyes Piercingly
My Heart Trips Frantically
The Moon Sets Alone

Her Upper Lip Pouts
My Curiosity Flares
Longing Sets The Tone

The Dance Seeks Patience
With Flighty Thoughts That Reprise
Design Sets The Time

My Mind Plays Over
Of Full Red Beautiful Birds
Lushness Sets Devine

My Senses Flooded
Beyond Her Radiant Words
Intent Sets Unknown

Our Paths Cross Briefly
Like Two Celestial Souls
With Hearts Set To Stone

Epilogue note:
Yes, not all outcomes need to be neat and happy endings to be peaceful ones.

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